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How does it work?
The Senaptec App is portable training designed as an extension to the Senaptec Sensory Station. The Senaptec algorithm learns and adapts to help push people forward and achieve better results. We recommend a daily regimen of 10-15 minutes. As sensory skills improve, the Senaptec App will automatically increase the difficulty to continue honing these skills.

Via a proctor portal, the app utilizes our secure cloud technology to manage data and to provide immediate comparative results, allowing you to fully manage your programs and progress.

App downloads and comparability
The Senaptec App is compatible with Apple and Android devices. On your tablet, download and install the Senaptec App from App Store or Google Play.

Some training modules require a smartphone connected to the tablet via Bluetooth. On your smartphone, download and install the Senaptec Remote App from the App Store or Google Play. The apps will connect seamlessly!

Eye Hand Coordination – Find and touch the targets quickly and accurately. Works on gross motor movement and accurate response.

Go / No-Go – Touch the “Go” targets before they disappear but do not touch the “No-Go” targets. This requires quick decision making and swift movement.

Dynamic Vision – Move your eyes to follow the target on the screen. This trains peripheral vision awareness and rapid eye movement.

Perception Training – Symbols appear briefly, requiring a person to quickly take in information in both central and peripheral vision. This can help the brain’s data collection and memory.

Response Inhibition – Go targets and No-Go targets will appear momentarily in a single location. Touch the Go targets before they disappear but do not touch the No-Go targets. This trains rapid decision making and muscle response.

Spatial Memory – A set of targets will appear momentarily on the screen. Afterward, touch the screen in the locations the targets had appeared. This helps train spatial memory skills.

Spatial Sequence – A variation of spatial memory, in this module targets will appear and disappear sequentially. Touch the screen in the location and order the targets appeared.

Multiple Object Tracking (MOT) – The MOT skill in life often helps avoid collisions. Move a dot to avoid collisions with multiple objects that are moving around the screen.

Depth Perception – Challenges and trains judging depth at distance, either under time pressure or with unlimited time. Judging depth is fundamental for perceiving the world.

Near Far Shift – This module uses the Senaptec handheld remote and a screen at distance to train the eye muscles to rapidly shift focus and recognize details. Quick near far shift capability is important in all areas of life, from sports to driving to walking through a store.

Visual Search – Quickly find and touch the single target amongst the distractors. Search and find tasks are critical for success in most sports and real-world activities.

Tempo – Maintain rhythm by touching the target with each beat. This module is useful for training audio/visual correlation and anticipation timing.

Shape Cancellation – Find and touch all the targets but do not touch the distractors. This module helps assess for visual neglect issues.

Visual Motor Integration – Draw on the screen with your finger to repeat the pattern, either by tracing or looking at an adjacent shape. This training works on neuromotor skills and visual guided motion.

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