Pilla performance eye wear

Ed Lyons is proud to be the sole UK provider of the Direct Prescription Program for PillaSport in the UK
Simply send in your prescription details, choose your lens tints plus any additional coatings to boost performance and your eyewear will be created to the highest standard right here in England under Ed’s expert guidance.

High index and bifocal upgrades are available on request.

See Better, Shoot Better with this awesome combination and say goodbye to your prescription inserts!

Full prescription lenses for the 580, 540, Sebring, Sebring Rx4, Stinger and Mustang styles

Prescription limitations apply

Terms and Conditions
Ed Lyons is a Director of Theia Vision Systems and is producing lenses under licence from Pilla Sport USA.

All eyewear must be paid for in full prior to purchase. As these are custom bespoke products a “cooling off” period of 24 hours after the sending of the initial order applies.

No refunds or exchanges can be given after this time as the manufacturing process will have commenced – lenses can take up to 10 weeks to produce although most are completed in 4.

All prescriptions and measurements issued by a third party are considered to be accurate and as such incidences of non-tolerances are deemed to be the responsibility of the purchaser and/or the supplier of the prescription details.

Ed Lyons will happily assess and recheck any prescriptions if this does arise – standard SportsVision Consultation fees apply.

Lens tints may vary slightly when compared to the plano shields and prescriptions of different thickness take up the colours differently.

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