See Better Shoot Better

Ed Lyons has considerable expertise with complex prescriptions and optimising focus for shooting. This is typically achieved using bespoke surfaced lenses, customised contact lenses and vision training plans where needed.

Whilst “20/20” vision may be satisfactory for everyday life, I will always strive to surpass this standard and give you the best sight you can possibly achieve.


Shooting Glasses

Ed has access to the best eyewear and lens manufacturers for shooting and will ensure any eyewear is the most suitable for your face shape and gun fit. His Optimized Shooting Centre Management system ensures that you are looking through the sweet spot of the lens, every time!


Shooting Lenses

Ed uses Rupp Und Hubrach in Bamberg, Germany as they make the best sports lenses in the world. They make micro adjustments to the prescription to compensate for curvature and fit of the frame and their lenses have a bigger sweet spot in the uppermost portion, right where a shooter needs it.



Everyone’s visual system is different – what works for your coach or shooting buddies may not be the best for your eyes. This is why it is important to assess the individual needs of the client to ensure you have the right tint for YOU.


Cross Dominance

Eye Dominance is a widely misunderstood concept in shooting and is in fact quite straight forward to manage. Manage is the key word here as cross-dominance CANNOT be cured. It fluctuates throughout life and is affected by things such as stress, fatigue, dehydration and of course, gun fit.

Ed has devised a system of grading, analysis and management of cross dominance and works in tandem with top instructors in the UK and America to manage this issue.